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Many small to medium sized businesses do not have the luxury of a dedicated I.T. support department and as a result are forced to suffer or attempt repairs, maintenance or upgrades themselves and at their own risk.

For a fixed monthly fee, we will tailor a support care package that meets all of your I.T. needs.

Why Pelstar?
We appreciate that no two companies are alike; all of our clients have their own unique set of requirements and priorities but with our tailored I.T. support packages we are able to provide for them all.
Staff at Pelstar are always at hand, when and where you need them; and YOU are the priority regardless of your issue.
We are proud to offer a cost effective "one-stop shop" for all your IT support and services, offering everything from complete office cabling systems, PC and Server installs right down to providing your bespoke software written by our in-house experts.

In effect, Pelstar can provide you the all the benefits of an internal IT department at the fixed price of an external one.